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Promina Social Center

By adapting, equipping and establishing the Promina Social Center, local associations have been provided with space for their uninterrupted operation and development.


Events in Promina

Uncovering Promina's history

The name Promina comes from the Liburnian city of Promona, first mentioned in writing in the year 51 BC, when the Dalmatae captured the Liburnian city and moved its borders to the river Krka. In the year 34 BC the Romans, who had already established a military camp in Burnum (today's Šupljaja), led by Emperor Octavian helped the Liburnians, retook Promona and razed it. The name derives from lat. pro mans – to protrude behind a hill, which corresponds with the fact that Promona was located in the area of today's Tepljuh, occupying a very important strategic position between the Petrovo Polje and the Kosovo Polje.  Learn more ...

The history of Promina began much earlier than its first mention in historical sources and dates back to the beginning of human history. In the immediate vicinity of the Promina area, in the valley of the river Čikola, archeological remains from the Paleolithic period (Old Stone Age) have been found, so it is safe to assume that people from that period also lived in the Promina area, perhaps in the caves in the canyon of the Krka River. The oldest remains found so far, which contribute to the assumption that people really lived in this area, were found in the village Mratovo and date back to the Neolithic (Early Stone Age, 5000-35000 BC).  Learn more ...

Scenic Route

Through the Promina Vineyards to the River Krka

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